Book trailers are an important, but often overlooked part of your marketing strategy. Book trailers can make a lasting impression, for good or for ill.

What makes a good trailer? That’s a complex question. High quality images, video, messaging, and music must all be tied together into a seamless whole. Often what makes a trailer great is what you don’t notice. It takes time, and skill, to craft a trailer that will leave a great impression.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

Don’t believe me? Just search YouTube for book trailers. Ouch. There are a lot of really bad trailers out there. You’ve worked hard on your novel. Don’t give it an amateur trailer.

A bad trailer is worse than no trailer.

A good trailer can go a long way to generating interest in your book. They’re especially well-suited for marketing on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

With over two decades of experience in the advertising world, I can create a trailer for your book that will blow the competition away, and at a price that won’t torpedo your marketing budget. Let’s chat.

Check out some examples of my work below.

Beasts of Burdin
The Widow’s Son
No Bones About It
Destroying Angel

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