FAQ: A Fistful of Demons Anthology

Q: This is a shared world anthology. Do I need to read The Widow’s Son before I submit?

A: Not at all! I’ve provided setting details and am happy to answer any questions about the setting you might have.

Q: Will there be contracts for the accepted submissions outlining rights and compensation?

A: Yes. Contracts will be sent out after the crowdfunding phase once I’ve locked down compensation. A minimum of $25 per thousand words is guaranteed, with the possibility of up to $100 per thousand words depending on how well the crowdfunding campaign goes.

Q: Will the anthology be edited by a professional proofreader?

A: Yes. I will be hiring a professional editor for line edits and proofreading. All stories will also be edited for consistency with the shared world.

Q: What, if any, input will authors have in the final look of their stories.

A: All authors will be sent a final proof of the anthology before publication.

Q: What is the acceptance process?

A: All stories will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of a group of authors experienced with the genre. As the anthology editor I will work with authors to ensure consistency across the shared world.

Have a question not answered here?

Please submit your questions here and I’ll answer them as quickly as possible.

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