Six-Guns and Strange Shooters

Headlined by veteran storyteller David J. West, A Fistful of Demons assembles over twenty of the freshest voices in the Weird West genre into one massive anthology of short fiction that will take you on a wild ride unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Weird West, Western Horror, Fantasy Western—call it what you will—the stories in A Fistful of Demons deftly weave together a complex and thrilling blend of North American mythology, magic, alternate histories of American icons, steampunk, and more—all framed in the action-rich setting of the Old West. Famous novels, comics, and games in the genre include Joe R. Lansdale’s epic Deadman’s Crossing, the classic RPG Deadlands, John Albano & Tony DeZuniga’s award-winning Jonah Hex comic book series, Stephen King’s opus The Dark Tower, and R.S. Belcher’s bestseller The Six-Gun Tarot.

You Had My Curiosity, Now You Have My Attention

A Fistful of Demons packs 700 pages of Weird West stories inspired by the novel The Widow’s Son between two covers. No denying it, partner, this tome is fair bursting at the seams.

Stories in the anthology include:

It Couldn’t Happen Here by David J. West
Porter Rockwell remembers a time years ago when his foster son and a friend were worried over undead near their home along the Utah lake—it turned out to be just a resting place for Indian dead until they could be buried—but years later when there really are undead troubling the area, Porter is forced to face a situation he never thought would be on his own doorstep.

The Spear of Destiny by Ryan Williamson
Magdalena, a young Mayan woman belonging to an order of demon-hunting priests, nuns, and monks is sent by the Vatican on a quest to recover the lost Spear of Destiny—the very lance that pierced the side of Christ. In her quest she travels to America and is joined by an old friend, the fabled lawman Zarahemla Two Crows. To recover the spear, they must battle cultists, unholy beasts, and conquer a forgotten monastery possessed by an unimaginable evil.

A Reunion on Bloody Island by J. E. Tabor
Orphaned when she was just a girl, Penny grew up among the Lakota who took her in as their own. But when the ravenous dead poured into the Great Plains to drive the foreign settlers from the land, she was forced to flee, whether her people accepted her or not. Separated from the newly wed husband who promised to bring her back home, Penny is confined to a U.S. refugee camp miles from the militarized border on the Mississippi River. With the help of a mysterious stranger serving an unsavory patron, Penny makes a deal to get across and back to her husband and the rest of her family. What Penny doesn’t realize is that the deal she made just might be with the devil.

Call Me Rex by Jim Carran
Young Jedediah Burroughs is the lone survivor of a brutal attack on his isolated fort. Seeking revenge and redemption, he partners with a mysterious sword-wielding stranger called Rex to track down the source of the invasion and save whoever he can. But Jed is no warrior and Rex won’t always be by his side.

The Devouring Eye by Bradley R. Mitzelfelt
July 13th, 1868. Evil has come to the blossoming city of Minneapolis in the form of an ancient demon. A lone demon hunter, the last descendant of the famed Halez Family, Jacob Halez, is on the hunt and has followed the demon known as Ketev Meriri across the world to the city on the edge of the doomed west. Now, he seeks to confront it and end its reign of terror among the Jewish people, but his efforts may be doomed from the start! One man against a host of demons. Can he succeed, or will he, too, be devoured by the Eye?

The Infernal Caress of Your God by K. J. Shepherd
After her parents are taken from her, Abigail realizes how brutal the Wild West can be. As a black man in 1858 Jessiah has been on the run his entire life, but after he saves a little girl in a small settlement in Dakota, he finally has a purpose. Years later, they find each other again and set in motion ripples that will churn the sands of the heavens, and clash with the very whims of Gods.

What Befell the Clayville Posse by Michael Nethercott
Led by a tough old sheriff and a dandyish marshal, a motley posse pursues the robbing, killing Dinmore Brothers. But this is no ordinary manhunt. Before long, the landscape itself alters, prairie creatures begin acting bizarrely, and a strange, groaning mist comes rolling in. Something dark and dangerous is at play. And there’s no turning back…

Redemption of a Mortal Man by Joshua Boliard
Eli is a man with a troubled past. His skills come from a career of questionable choices, but when called to action he must use those skills for the greater good. This leads him to a town on the border of the Mississippi River.

Ghost of Perdition by Clinton A. Love
Haunted by phantoms of the past, gunfighter Ian D’argent rides the wasteland looking for work and a place to rest his head. When a gang of cutthroats preys upon a struggling family of settlers, Ian steps up to confront the evil men. What follows is pure Armageddon written in screaming lead and sharpened steel. Ian the man is gone. The Ghost of Perdition is here.

Hungry Little Bastards by Daniel R. Robichaud
Janey is on the trail of the Dirty Snopes Gang when all Hell breaks loose. Sinister creatures have been loosed upon the earth, and they drive the bounty hunter and her quarry deeper into the wilderness. The hunter has become the hunted. Now, Janey must keep moving if she’s to stay one step ahead of these “Hungry Little Bastards.”

Plus a dozen more…

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