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Headlined by veteran storyteller David J. West, A Fistful of Demons assembles over twenty of the freshest voices in the Weird West genre into one massive anthology of short fiction that will take you on a wild ride unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Weird West, Western Horror, Fantasy Western—call it what you will—the stories in A Fistful of Demons deftly weave together a complex and thrilling blend of North American mythology, magic, alternate histories of American icons, steampunk, and more—all framed in the action-rich setting of the Old West. Famous novels, comics, and games in the genre include Joe R. Lansdale’s epic Deadman’s Crossing, the classic RPG Deadlands, John Albano & Tony DeZuniga’s award-winning Jonah Hex comic book series, Stephen King’s opus The Dark Tower, and R.S. Belcher’s bestseller The Six-Gun Tarot.

A Fistful of Demons packs over 600 pages of Weird West stories inspired by the novel The Widow’s Son between two covers. No denying it, partner, this tome is fair bursting at the seams.

We’re committed to paying our authors a fair rate for their work. With over 20 stories that’s a lot of pesos. Every little bit we can raise through this campaign will help offset that. We believe that authors should get paid—the more the better. If this campaign is funded, half of all earnings above and beyond the initial goal will be divided among the authors.

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