“Immortal” Concept Cover Design

For “Immortal” I was playing with a concept of rotating the title and byline 90°—having them run up the side of the cover instead of the more traditional horizontal treatment, which I’ve been getting bored of. All I knew starting out is the cover had to incorporate a couple key elements: a desert world orbiting a gas giant, and a female soldier. Read on for a tour of how I created the final cover.

The Widow’s Son: A Novel of the Weird West

Pass the bottle and I’ll tell you a story of whiskey and wheelguns; of when mighty Buffalo Soldiers patrolled the desert on iron steeds, and of cannibal lizard men deep in the Louisiana bayou; of Navajo skin-walkers and the Mexican undead; of the forgotten tomb of an ancient Mayan god and the Man with Bronze Teeth. A story of the halfbreed lawman and young widow who together stormed the gates of Hell to rescue her son. A story, my friend, of when the West was Weird.