The Spear of Destiny

Magdalena, a young Mayan woman belonging to an order of demon-hunting priests, nuns, and monks, is sent by the Vatican on a quest to recover the lost Spear of Destiny—the very lance that pierced the side of Christ. In her quest she travels to America and is joined by an old friend, the fabled lawman Zarahemla Two Crows. To recover the spear, they must battle cultists, unholy beasts, and conqueror a forgotten monastery possessed by an unimaginable evil.

Destroying Angel

“They ripped me from my mother's arms. They raised me as a soldier, sworn to serve our god-king. My service brought them glory. Too much glory. They left me for dead here, at the edge of the universe. His son grows inside me. The son of a god. And for the sake of my son I shall burn worlds, I shall free my people…And I shall kill my god.”